Adding or Deleting Task Bar Icons

Description of the Topic

The task bar is the gray bar at the bottom of your screen that displays the start menu, perhaps a few icons next to the start menu on what is called the Quick Launch Toolbar, and several icons on the far right in what is called the system tray.

It is often convenient to have icons on the task bar that you can use to quickly and easily start program that you use frequently. This is done with the Quick Launch toolbar that is part of the Task Bar. To see if the Quick Launch toolbar is active on your computer, right-click in the gray area of the task bar, on the short menu that appears click on "Toolbars," the first item on the list, and verify that there is a check mark in front of "Quick Launch." If there is not, you can add the Quick Launch toolbar to your Task Bar by clicking on it.

To learn how to put additional program icons on the Quick Launch toolbar, just click on one of the "how-to" links below.

Once you have placed one or more program icons on the Quick Launch toolbar, you can start the programs by simply single-clicking on the one you want. Furthermore, unless you have hidden your Toolbar (see Hiding the Task Bar), you can start a program at any time without returning to the desktop.

How to Add or Delete Icons on the Task Bar (video demonstration)
How to Add or Delete Icons on the Task Bar (step-by-step procedure)
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