Moving Text

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You may find on many occasions that when you are working in a document you find that you need to rearrange the sentences or paragraphs to make the text sound or look better. For example, you may want to move a paragraph from the end of the document closer to the beginning because it contains important information that reader should have early in the game.

Rather than re-type this text, it is possible to delete (or cut) it from its current location, save it to the "Windows Clipboard" and then paste it into your document in a new location. This process of moving the text from one location to another is often called "cut and paste."

Cut and Paste saves a lot of unnecessary typing. The reason it is called cut and paste is that, in the old days, that's exactly what had to be done to make this kind of change. The old paragraph would be cut out of the document using a pair of scissors and then pasted into a new location with scotch tape or glue. Of course, then the typist had to re-type the whole document -- with computers and word processors, that step is completely unnecessary.

How to Move Text (video demonstration)
How to Move Text (step-by-step procedure)
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