Hiding the Task Bar

Description of the Topic

The task bar is the gray bar at the bottom of your screen that displays the start menu, perhaps a few icons next to the start menu on what is called the Quick Launch Toolbar, and several icons on the far right in what is called the system tray.

In this lesson you will learn how to hide the task bar (or to un-hide it if it gets hidden accidentally). There are two ways to hide the task bar. The first, using "Auto hide," will make the task bar invisible until you move your mouse down to the bottom of the screen; when you do the task bar will pop up. Some folks feel that hiding the task bar makes their screen (the wallpaper or the screen saver) look nicer. The other way to hide the task bar is to have it appear only on the desktop and to disappear when applications are running. This gives you more screen area to use for your applications, but may be inconvenient when you want to access the task bar with an application running.

How to Hide Task Bar (video demonstration)
How to Hide Task Bar (step-by-step procedure)
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