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2018 SeniorNet (12/13/2018) PDF Email




SeniorNet Family,


Continuing our mission depends on your support. 


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Testimonials -- Que Publishing book purchases


Webmaster, I want to thank you for sharing this offer. For the first time in many years our Thanksgiving Dinner did not end up with politics or football. It was technology. We all talked about the iPhone and Health Technology for Seniors. My grandchildren were impressed and surprised when I started to talk about different applications. These books were worth the price and brought my family together with something we all like "new technology". 

Thanks very much - Brenda and Thomas L. (Lima, Ohio)


Good Deal on the books, I really like the free shipping. Can I send this newsletter to my friends? - Bob F. (Matlacha, FL.)


SeniorNet National, we like the books if we buy in bundle for our church can you give us a discount. - Herb G. (Akron, CO)


Is SeniorNet going to offer courses on any of these books, my vote is for Smart Home for Seniors. It's something for everyone - Earl K. (Wash. D.C.)


Great gift idea. Fruits, flowers and cookies are good - but they do not last over the holidays, books do !! - Paula  P. (Rye, New York) 







What's Coming in 2018 !

  • New Curriculum 1st Quarter
  • Software Grant to all Centers
  • Gift of technology to all Centers
  • New partnerships with value and benefits  
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