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Newsletter March 19, 2013 PDF Email

American Foundation for the Blind 

Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss 

The March issue of AccessWorld is now available on our website.
This issue features:


Leslie M. Smith
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Newsletter March 13, 2013 PDF Email

SeniorNet Introduces a New Series of Skill Courses

Since 1986 SeniorNet Learning Centers have made a difference to several million seniors by providing a variety of courses on a variety of computer related topics.

SeniorNet Learning Centers provide training designed to develop computer skills of people in need. People in need include our seniors, retiring adults, returning veterans, the unemployed and the employed who would like to expand their computer knowledge.

We pride ourselves on an instruction model that provides small class environment, well-illustrated
self-help manuals plus hands-on learning by volunteer instructors and coaches... volunteers who make a difference in their communities.    

Today our Learning Centers are dealing with the ever expanding field of technology and SeniorNet headquarters is preparing to assist them in meeting that challenge. 

Beginning this spring and throughout the coming months, the SeniorNet Curriculum Development team will provide our Learning Centers with a series of intermediate and advanced level "Skill Courses"... workshops and hands-on short courses that focus on topics like Facebook, Twitter, iPad Basics, Creating a Personal Web Page, Home Networking, Disk Management, Disk Maintenance and Repair, and specialized courses on managing Windows 7 and Windows 8.     

Check with your local SeniorNet Learning Center for their plans to schedule Skill Courses designed to expand your computer knowledge.

SeniorNet... because we care!

Hank Clemente
SeniorNet Director of Curriculum Development


Newsletter March 5, 2013 PDF Email

Windows 8 and Office 2013 are now available at SeniorNet Centers

SeniorNet is proud to announce that we have received a very generous donation from Microsoft. This grant provides us with the long-awaited Windows 8 and Office 2013. This software is currently being distributed to your centers. Please contact your center leaders to sign up for new classes to learn about Windows 8 and Office 2013. 

Windows 8
The newest version of Microsoft's operating system has a lot of new features - but also a lot of changes! Even advanced computer users may be surprised by the new interface, which uses a start screen with tiles instead of the familiar start menu. Visit your local SeniorNet center to learn more about this new operating system and sign up for classes today!

Office 2013
Microsoft's popular productivity suite (containing Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook, and others) is used widely in home and office environments. The newest version, released earlier this year, puts a greater focus on "cloud computing": the sharing of files and applications over the internet. For more information about Office 2013 and cloud computing, check with your local learning center for classes and workshops.

Don't be left behind... Contact your center today!


Leslie M. Smith




Newsletter February 28, 2013 PDF Email

SeniorNet partners with QUE Publishing


SeniorNet Members, Volunteers, and Sponsors


We are very pleased to announce another SeniorNet Partnership and membership benefit.  QUE Publishing, a division of Pearson Education, one of the largest book publishers in the world, has engaged SeniorNet as a partner. What this means is that you, as a SeniorNet member, can receive up to a 45% discount on some of the latest computer and technology related books and ebooks available on a wide variety of subjects:

  • Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OSX 
  • Software: Office 2010 and 2013, Adobe software, and much more 
  • Smartphones and tablets: iPads, iPhones, Windows Phone, Android, etc.
  • Websites: Facebook, LinkedIn, eBay, etc.  

There are also books for beginners and for experts alike! 


And so much more!


Click here today:   and use the discount codes below to save. 










Leslie M. Smith



Newsletter February 20, 2013 PDF Email

Since our partnership with Telikin last year, there has been a tremendous amount of interest from our membership

On Saturday, February 9th, Cary SeniorNet instructor John Fitzpatrick, hosted a webinar presentation on Telikin Touchscreen Computers. Nancy Allegrezza, RN, Telikin's Director of Marketing, discussed the history and benefits of computing with Telikin. She also offered a demonstration of the Telikin touch screen computer to 25 participants. 

 Other centers have had the opportunity to use and explore this new technology. This is a fantastic product for everyone -  seniors, baby boomers, the young, and those that are impaired.  
For more information on Telikin, visit If you are interested in a presentation for your center, please contact Nancy Allegrezza at Telikin Sales, 267-954-0102.
Members, volunteers work with your Coordinators to get your center on the list for this exclusive SeniorNet benefit.

A SeniorNet member testing out the Telikin at the Council House SeniorNet Center in Maryland.


Leslie M. Smith

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