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New Curriculum - 1 (2/21/2018) PDF Email





SeniorNet Community,



New Curriculum - Class Materials !!


Backup and Restore for Windows 10 is now available for all 

SeniorNet Learning Centers.



This Workshop was created by Hank Clemente - SeniorNet's Curriculum Director

Thanks to SeniorNet's Peoria's Learning Center Team (Dave Dunkin, Fred Bliss, Bob Knott and Larry Anderson) for their support in editing this course.  




Why You Should Backup Your Files?


In today's fast-paced world, backing up your files is of the utmost importance. Typically music, movies, data files, and photos are all stored in one place - your computer. Laptops and desktops have decreased in cost, and the amount of storage inside them has increased greatly over the last few years allowing you to store a huge amount of personal data. Unfortunately having all of your data in only one place is dangerous.


Written for student with basic computer knowledge, in this SeniorNet workshop we show you how to use the tools available in Windows 10 to back up all your files and how to restore them using easy to follow step by step procedures.


You will learn:

  • What to back up.                                                
  • Where to back up.
  • Types of backups.
  • Tips for buying a portable hard drive.
  • How to partition a portable hard drive.
  • How to use Windows File History.
  • Schedule backups.
  • Restore a lost file or folder.
  • Restore all your files and folders.
  • Create a System Image backup.
  • Create a System Repair disk.
  • Use the System Repair disk to fix minor issues.
  • How to work with System Restore.
  • How to refresh or reset your computer.



All this and more in our new

Windows 10 Back up, Restore, Recover workshop!




Click Here for our Homepage & SeniorNet Curriculum




Leslie M. Smith

President & CEO









AT&T Access Program (2/9/2018) PDF Email
SeniorNet Community,
Low-Cost Wireline


AT&T is offering low-cost wireline home internet service to qualifying households:
  • At least one resident who participates in the U.S. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and
  • An address in AT&T's 21-state service area, at which we offer wireline home Internet service, and
  • No outstanding debt for AT&T fixed Internet service within the last six months or outstanding debt incurred under this program.
  • If you are a California resident and at least one member of your household receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits you also may qualify based on the same requirements that apply to SNAP participants.
If you do not qualify... Please, take a moment and share this newsletter with someone in your family or network that may be able to use this low-cost wireline home internet service.
Leslie M. Smith
President & CEO

We appreciate your support to our mission. Teaching computer skills, mobile devices, applications and the latest technology to Seniors, Veterans, Disenfranchised and the Physically Challenged.


Adobe Grant 2018 / SeniorNet PDF Email





SeniorNet Community,


With the many ups and downs in 2017 - we still managed to meet our targets and come out on top.


Our success is due to loyal and dedicated SeniorNet Center Leaders, Volunteers, Members, Students, Partners, and Local/National Sponsors.



And to Kick-Off 2018 - (SeniorNet's 32nd year) !!


        We are very pleased to announce another extraordinary grant from Adobe





This means:

  • All SeniorNet Centers will receive licenses for Photoshop Element 2018 and Premiere Elements 2018 for each computer in their lab/classroom.
  • .....and all key staff instructors will be awarded licenses as well. 


Thanks to the gracious support of Adobe, our members and students will have these latest editions to learn from and enjoy.


Click the link below to see product descriptions and videos of this grant:



Stay tuned for more value, discounts and benefits.


Leslie M. Smith

President & CEO



We appreciate your support to our mission. Teaching computer skills, mobile devices, applications and the latest technology to Seniors, Veterans, Disenfranchised and the Physically Challenged.



2018 SeniorNet (12/13/2018) PDF Email




SeniorNet Family,


Continuing our mission depends on your support. 


Only a small portion of our readers give. If you are reading this and can donate $3.00, we will reach our 2017 donation goal. Take a minute and keep us on-line. All donations are Tax Deductible...don't miss the 2017 deadline to make a donation. 


Click the Donate Today button below.  


Thank You!







Testimonials -- Que Publishing book purchases


Webmaster, I want to thank you for sharing this offer. For the first time in many years our Thanksgiving Dinner did not end up with politics or football. It was technology. We all talked about the iPhone and Health Technology for Seniors. My grandchildren were impressed and surprised when I started to talk about different applications. These books were worth the price and brought my family together with something we all like "new technology". 

Thanks very much - Brenda and Thomas L. (Lima, Ohio)


Good Deal on the books, I really like the free shipping. Can I send this newsletter to my friends? - Bob F. (Matlacha, FL.)


SeniorNet National, we like the books if we buy in bundle for our church can you give us a discount. - Herb G. (Akron, CO)


Is SeniorNet going to offer courses on any of these books, my vote is for Smart Home for Seniors. It's something for everyone - Earl K. (Wash. D.C.)


Great gift idea. Fruits, flowers and cookies are good - but they do not last over the holidays, books do !! - Paula  P. (Rye, New York) 







What's Coming in 2018 !

  • New Curriculum 1st Quarter
  • Software Grant to all Centers
  • Gift of technology to all Centers
  • New partnerships with value and benefits  
Discounts (11/1/2017) PDF Email






SeniorNet Family,

QUE Publishing Books

Discounted 40% for SeniorNet 



  2017 National Health Information Award "Best in Show" Winner  

This book is the recipient of a 2017 National Mature Media Award. These awards recognize the nation's finest marketing, communications, educational materials, and programs designed and produced.


 My Health Technology for Seniors

  Book *$14.99 (valued at $24.99)

   eBook *$11.99 (valued at $19.99)


My Health Technology for Seniors

is the first easy guide to today's revolutionary health technologies. Learn to use your computer, smartphone, and other devices to manage your health and get help when you need it. Whether it's sleep, exercise, diet, heart health, diabetes, or asthma, this book shows you how to stay healthier, happier, and in charge of your life.


With step-by-step instructions, full-color screen shots, and an easy-to-read design, this shows you how to:


* Succeed at staying fit with help from new technologies that are fun and easy

* Transform your smartphone into a powerful glucose & blood pressure monitor.

* Track, protect, and improve your heart health.
* Use in-home technology to stay safer and prepare for emergencies.
* Get valuable advice and support from online communities.
* Choose online health resources you can trust.

* And much more





Leslie M. Smith

President & CEO









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