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Windows Vista Overview PDF Email
The Five Versions of Windows Vista
Vista Home Basic
Vista Home Premium
Vista Business
Vista Enterprise
Vista Ultimate

New and Improved Features:
  • Network setup and troubleshooting
  • Searching
  • System and network security
  • Multimedia and imaging
  • Out-of-the-box functionality
  • DirectX 10
Share tips and ask questions in SeniorNet's Windows discussion.

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* SeniorNet volunteer Vic Laurie's Vista Website . A detailed, comprehensive site about Vista versions, requirements, performance and tips and tricks. GREAT SITE!!

* Microsoft's official Vista website Microsoft's resources for Vista. Use the Upgrade Advisor to get ready. Find information, guides and demos.

* 10 Things to Love and Hate About Vista .An easy-to-read article by Smart Computing.

* Jeff Levy's Vista Lessons Tutorials on how to do things in Vista.

* PC World Visa FAQ A guide to user questions and answers.

* Pros and Cons A balanced overview by C/NET.

* Pros and Cons An overview by tech people and users by InfoWorld.

* Pros and Cons Pros and cons for the small business user by ZD NET, Australia.

* Reviews of Vista by CNET Find comprehensive, comparative reviews of four editions of Vista: Basic, Premium, Ultimate and Business.

* Review of Vista in MIT Technology Review A candid review of Vista and how Microsoft's long-awaited operating system disappointed a stubborn fan.

* Review of Vista by PC Magazine Hands-on analysis of Vista to help you decide whether, or more realistically when, to make the move—and to show you what you can expect when you do.

* Short articles about Vista encyclopedia-like articles about Vista.

* Why Upgrade? Helpful advice from PC Magazine.

Thanks to contributions of these links and/or Q&A support in our discussions by SeniorNet participants: Economike, GoldenStatePoppy, HappyBill, Herb Holden, Jenny91638, JTM, Mal L, Rammel, Tipikdave, Vic Laurie.
Excerpts from experiences with Vista and tips shared in SeniorNet's Windows Q&A discussion

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