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Email and Receive Attachment PDF Email
When you travel, you probably take lots of pictures. Now you can email photos you have taken using a digital camera or film photos you have had developed onto a photo CD, or even digital movie clips to friends and family, or even to yourself, so you know they are safely waiting in your email at home.
The important things to know are where the photo is stored on your hard disk, or another disk, and how to tell your email software where to find it.
Files you may want to send can be stored in many places on your computer so you will need to know the exact location —My documents, the Desktop, 3½ Floppy, CD or the Digital Camera drive, etc.
You can practice sending and opening an attachment by sending an email with an attachment to yourself. The following steps are for Outlook Express but the steps will be similar for any email program, although some of the terms may be different.

Attach a file
1 Open your email program, click Create Mail (or Write or New Mail) and prepare the email but, before you click Send, click the Insert menu and click File Attachment or click the Attachment button on the email window.
2 Click Attach if necessary. The Insert Attachment dialog box appears.
3 Click the arrow on the Look in listbox at the top of the dialog box and click the location where the picture you want to send is stored.
4 Click the name of the file you want and click Attach or Open.
5 The dialog box closes and the name of the file you attached shows in the Attach box on the email window.
6 Now you can click the Send button.

Open an attachment
1 Open your Inbox and open the email.
If the attached file is in jpg format, which Microsoft Outlook Express recognizes, you may see the attached photo within the email message.
2 If the attached photo is in a format your email program doesn’t automatically open, click the paper clip icon to the left of the message.
3 If an Open Attachment Warning dialog box appears, click Open it and click OK.
Some attachments can carry a virus. Be cautious about opening an attachment from someone whose name is unfamiliar to you.
Note : if your email program recognizes the format of the attachment, it may automatically open the attachment. Or the attached file may be downloaded to an attachments folder on your hard disk. You then locate the file and open it with an appropriate program.

Other email programs may differ somewhat, but the process is the same:
1 Open the email program and open a new message form.
2 Click the attachment command.
3 Locate and open the file you want to send
4 Send the message,

Open an attachment.
1 Open the message and click the open attachment command.
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