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PBS Program Club PDF Email

SeniorNet is pleased to be a PBS Program Club. We host discussions on our web site about television programs that are nationally broadcast on the Public Broadcast Service. We offered the first PBS Program Club discussion on the Internet.
Join our current ongoing discussion of PBS programs that you enjoy watching.

In recognition for the great work SeniorNet volunteers do in leading discussions of PBS programs, the national PBS Program Clubs have a link to SeniorNet's web site on their "start a local program club" site.
New shows, new conversations, a new way to spend time with friends or family. Create an oasis from the daily grind by starting your own PBS Program Club where you live and use the dramatic, funny, moving and entertaining variety of shows on PBS to talk about what matters to you most. Log on to to learn more and find tips for getting the conversation started. SeniorNet would love to have you join our online PBS Program discussions too and take advantage of the resources we put together and publish online for our monthly discussions. You can report in to let us know what your local club members are talking about.
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