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During November we observe National Fraud week and Computer Security Day.  Below are some resources to help you keep  safe.

Read tips to prevent identify theft, especially during  holiday shopping.

SeniorNet volunteer, Vic Laurie, has developed a wealth of information to help you keep your computer safe.

SeniorNet has developed materials for a Cybersecurity course with funding from AT&T. Download materials for a self-paced, four-lesson course that describes security concerns related to your computer and the Internet, and that provides information on methods, tools and software you can use to protect against security threats.

2009 DIGITAL TELEVISION CONVERSION: If you are thinking about buying a new television set you want to consider one with a digital tuner. Prepare yourself for the February 17, 2009 conversion to digital tv. Find resources and a link to SeniorNet's Television discussion where you can ask questions.

Find ergonomic tips for healthier computing.

Find tips for purchasing or using a cell phone.

We offer email tips for travelers. Also included are 10 tips for secure wireless computing.

Also find tips on what to look for if you are purchasing a computer.

Learn how to safely give away or recycle your computer.

IBM and SeniorNet partner to bring you IBM's accessibilityWorks software. This is IBM's latest offering in computer assistive technology for those with sight and hearing challanges. You must be a registered on the SeniorNet website to access this software. If you are a registered user AND are logged into our website, please click here to go to the AccessibilityWorks page. If you are not logged into the SeniorNet website, you will be prompted to log in.

There is a way to help defeat diseases such as cancer and AIDS and also better the environment, without even making a financial contribution.

Imagine if the power of each of the world's estimated 650 million computers were linked to focus on defeating cancer, Alzheimer's, malaria, AIDS and environmental issues challenging our societies today. To make this dream a reality, SeniorNet has become a partner of the World Community Grid, joining the IBM Corporation and a group of more than 240 leading non-profits, foundations, companies, associations and academic institutions. Learn more and see how you can help.


Not comfortable using the mouse? Try our easy and fun mouse exercises.

How Tos Demonstrations of computer procedures

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