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A Night To Remember

by Gladys

Maggie stood with her finger on her pursed lips and checked the grocery list, again. Something was missing. What was it? She gave a start, of course! It was Halloween night. Oh dear, and she was down to her last few dollars!

She was a widow, eighty years old, with just a small pension.

She looked at the list once more and tried to imagine how much candy she could get for the small amount of money she had. She hated not to be able to see the kids having fun.

She whittled it down and thought, some can be cut in half! She finished the list quickly and opened the door, just as her younger neighbor, who did her shopping, appeared.

"Hello, dear" Maggie said, "so good of you to do this for me, I had forgotten it was Halloween."

"Oh!" said the neighbor. "Are you ok?"

"Oh yes", said Maggie,"I did a bit of juggling."

She closed the door and went to prepare a bite to eat. After she finished her lunch, which consisted of a tuna fish sandwich, she started to look for a basket of some kind to put the candy in, found one and set it near the door.

After her neighbor delivered her stuff, Maggie got a knife and cut some of the bigger candy pieces in half. The afternoon was beginning to go dark.

She sat down in her easy chair and waited for the goblins, thinking of years gone by.

In the distance she could hear the excited voices of children and felt a warm glow.

There was the first knock! She started to get up, gentle hands held her back.

The door opened to the tinkling of bells, lights of every color floated round the room. Little fairy figures flew in every corner. The sweetest music played. Fairies danced on her shoulders, her hands, they placed a robe with twinkling sequins round her shoulders and she was filled with happiness. Out of the corner of her eye she saw one fairy take a piece of candy and drop the paper on the floor. I must pick that up , she thought.

Maggie knew she was in Fairyland, no doubt about it. She waved her hands to the music, then a lull came and the loveliest voice began to sing :

"If I give my heart to you ..." She bent forward, found she could move, and slowly, dreamily danced to the song that she and Walt had danced to so often.

The song ended, soft hands led her back to her chair and she sank into it with a small sigh. Oh, such happiness !

Loud knocking made her jump, she realized then she had been dreaming. She ran her hands over her hair and went to the door.

"Happy Halloween !" cried excited voices.

"And to you, too" Maggie said in a happy voice.

The night was over. Maggie looked out the door, no more revelers round, but the moon was beautiful, a full harvest moon.

She closed the door, still smiling, bending down to pick up a candy wrapper. She clutched it in her hand, she knew who had left it.

It really was a night to remember.

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