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Links to WWII Sites
National WWII Memorial
Search or sign someone up: WWII Registry of veterans and Home Front contributors or call 1-800-639-4WW2.
VA Home
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Visit our Salute to SeniorNet's Greatest.

Read SeniorNet's interview with Tom Brokaw and view our archived discussion of the Greatest Generation.

Of the 16.5 million soldiers who served in WWII there are only 3.2 million left and their number is decreasing at the rate of 1,100 a day.

If we do not capture their memories, future generations will never know about the War from a personal perspective.

We have an opportunity to create a bridge between generations with our World War II Living Memorial.

"The greatest generation is yet to come. And it will be the generation that will come after us and through their own efforts will have achieved the glorious permanence of a brotherhood of man, a brotherhood of nations, and a world without hunger,armed conflicts between nations, avoidable sickness, disease, and pestilence in which the beauty of love and peace will shine ever so brightly in the eyes of all of the children in the world."
--Mike Cantor, SeniorNet member

Featured article: Musings of a War Veteran by SeniorNet member Robert Iadeluca

The World War II Memories Discussions are where you share your memories, ask your questions, and read personal WWII histories. Or participate in our other Wars or Veterans discussions.

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Remember these? Click through our galleries and read personal war stories and share memories with others who experieinced the war. If you would like to contribute to our galleries, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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