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ECCE! IV Shelly's Tour of the Reichstag PDF Email


Shelly (Goldensun) Reports on a tour of the Reichstag

In 2005 during a visit to Berlin, we toured the Reichstag building, and afterwards, were taken on a private tour through the archive section bythe director, who was a friend of our host. When he heard that I was a Latin student he took us to the area where these books were stored, and brought them out for us.

They concern the government, history, politics and courts of Germany, and stored in the archives at the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany.

The first one: CORPUS - CONSTITUTIONUM IMPERIALIUM is a compendium of laws that were passed by Emperor Karl V in the year 1521, followed by the Imperial Edict of treaties of Westfalia of 1648.

Click on image for larger view.

LEGATUS was written in the 1600's.

Click on image for larger view.

The other: DISPUTATIONES - Historico - Politico - Juridicae shows a date of Anno M DCC X and a publisher: Apud JO FRIEDERICUM GLEDITSCH & Filium.

Click on image for larger view.

I see some familiar words in a notation under the title lines on this page. Some of our Latinists might like to try their hands translating it:

a Celeberrimus Autore quondam publice habitae, postea in unum volumen collectae, et nunc ad defiderium multorum denuo recusae.


Seen here enjoying a well-deserved coffee break in the Archive Staff Room.


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