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ECCE! IV Amazing Find Near Hadrian's Wall PDF Email


Amazing Find Near Hadrian's Wall

An article in the Daily Mail, Uk relating the amazing news that a legion of tiny clay soldiers had been discovered near Hadrian's Wall then went on to state that a plaque had also been found that almost definitely pointed to the miniatures being the work of Nero Nesttenus, a renowned miniaturist sculptor of the time.

The discovery raised again interest in the old local legend that claimed that Emperor Hadrian had staged his death in Italy and had fled to Northumberland where at his burial site the miniature army guarded the former Emperor.

Among the figures was one of a man playing the follis, a precursor possibly of Northumberland pipes.

The writer of the article stated that the figures were thought to depict men of the Aprilis Primus Legion.

Readers then took note of the publication date : April 1st 2007.



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