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Archeology vs. Modernity

More than once, a society has had to choose between keeping an archeological site, even a rich one, open to archeologists and other scholars--and to developers interested in making life more productive for the residents of the area who need modern energy sources, roadways, and other scientific advances in order to provide them with a better life. As always, it's a 'win some/lose some' situation.

An example of this sort of dillemma is a site called Zeugma, an area on the Euphrates found by a general of Alexander the Great in 300 B.C.

In 64 B.C. Zeugma was conquered by the Romans and became a valuable part of their society as it was on the Silk Route.

The site was discovered by the Gaziantep Museum in Turkey and launched so much interest as the archeologists found more and more artifacts, statues and especially mosaics that the archeoligists worked long and hard to discover and catalog as much as they could because they were faced with the problem of the site being closed by the year 2,000 in order to build power dams, etc. to modernize southern Turkey.

I have found a site which will explain all of this much better than I could and anything I say would be redundant. Also, this site, if the links are followed, will explain the pros and cons of both sides as well as, and especially, the exciting and beautiful artifacts and mosaics including some symbols which indicate a fairly accurate time of this society.

If you go to the following site and follow the links, I hope you will enjoy this information as much as I did, especially since it links ancient Greece, Rome, and modern Turkey.

Editor's Note:
Here is a site that you will find interesting.
NOVA - Lost Roman Treasure - PBS

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