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Rare Murals Found in London

What is astounding is that Rare Roman murals from about 120 AD were found under an Italian take-away in Lime Street, London this year. They are considered to be one of the best collections of Roman painted plaster from London

Margaret Hodge, Minister for Culture, said of them:

"It is astounding that we are still discovering parts of Roman London under the pavements we walk every day. This ancient mural may compare to those in Pompeii, and thanks to the skills of our archaeologists and museum staff we can see how Anglo-Roman Londoners carried out their own interior decoration. It is a thrill to see such a rare work of art up close. I hope National Archaeology Week prompts thousands of people to explore this hidden heritage on their doorsteps, and learn more about our neighbours from the past."

Sophie Jackson, from the Museum of London Archaeology Service, said:

"This is an amazing discovery because it allows us to reconstruct the decoration within a Roman London room from the early second century. It is incredibly rare to have this much decorated plaster of such high artistic quality."


Roman Throne Found in Italian Ruins
by Ariel David,

Filed Under: Science News

Scientists have uncovered a throne in Italian ruins near Herculaneum from the first century which they believe may have been the first surviving Roman throne. They attribute the longevity of the throne and surrounding artifacts to the lava and ash from the eruptions of the volcano in Herculaneum. See link below.

Roman Throne Found in Italian Ruins

Linguistics Allie

The company, Nike, takes its name from the Greek Goddess of Victory.
In Greek religion, Nike (meaning: Victory ~ Roman equivalent: Victoria) was a goddess who personified triumph and victory. She was capable of running and flying at great speeds. She was considered a bringer of good luck.

QUOTE: The Hellenistic Nike of Samothrace(the "Winged Victory" now in the Louvre), by a Rhodian sculptor of the third or early second century BC, is shown alighting on the prow of a ship, and indicates how she caught the imagination of greek artists. UNQUOTE

(Oxford Companion to Classical Literature)

The Nike logo design is an abstract wing.

It was designed by Carolyn Davidson in 1971.


Rare 1st Century Roman Finds To Return To Leicestershire

A remarkable Roman helmet along with a hoard of 5000 Iron Age coins both found in a field in Hallaton will be returned to the Leicestershire Museums Service.

The finds date from the 1st century AD.

The helmet is very fragile but in the safe hands of British Museum conservators. Photo Leicestershire Museums Service.


Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby have named their designer label after the Queen of Iceni, Boudicca (died 61 A.D.) who led a revolt against the Roman Empire on British soil.

The "Daily Mail" newspaper reports that J. K. Rowling, author of the highly-successful Harry Potter books, is to talk to the members of Eton's Literary Society this month (November).

The journalist comments that Eton must have the only school bookshop in the country to stock copies of Harry Potter in both Greek and Latin.


As a result of joining the Latin class last year I received an e-mail from someone who was born in the nearbye village of Horsepath, Oxfordshire, and who emigrated to the US some 40 odd years ago. We have been corresponding ever since. This Sunday he and his wife will be paying us a visit as they are in the UK for a while and we are going out to lunch and all due to SeniorNet. Hasn't the internet shrunken our world!



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