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PAUL ALLEN: Re-enactor

My son-in-law's brother, Paul Allen, took part in re-enactments and was a member of the Hoplite Association and of other groups. He was primarily interested in the Greek army and once told me that the early Roman Army differed from the later Imperial Army.
According to Paul, who researched assiduously, under the Etruscan kings the mode of battle was the Greek phalanx. Early Roman soldiers possibly were equipped like the Greek hoplite soldier with his bronze round shield, helmet, greaves breastplate, sword and shield. This is the uniform Paul adopted.

Although he took part in Mediaeval re-enactments he was most interested in the Greek Army and organized the U.K.'s 'First International Ancient Greek Festival.' He was in the throes of organising a similar convention in the US when he was killed in a bizarre jousting accident. This was a sequence from a television production focused on Edward III's Round Table at Windsor Castle, being filmed at Rockingham Castle, Northamptonshire.

More than 200 people dressed in their chosen re-enactment outfits attended his funeral. Some of these can be viewed at:

Video of Paul Allen's Funeral

Many schools paid homage to Paul's enthusiasm and love of his "subject," and, although I am aware that re-enactors and re-enactments are not universally popular, it is a fact that, thanks to Paul, there are youngsters today whose interests in the Romans and in the Greeks were first fired by his visits and displays at their schools.

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