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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the interesting and ever-changing world of computing! SeniorNet’s tutorials are designed to introduce you to computers and the Internet and the various uses of these technologies.

Computers are powerful tools. Some people learn to use a computer because they have something specific in mind that they want to accomplish. They may want to write personal or business letters or their memoirs, publish family or club newsletters, create greeting cards, research and compile family histories, manage financial records, organize lists and inventories, explore the World Wide Web and stay in touch with family and friends through email and make new friends and share interests in various discussions on the Internet. Others want to learn about computers and the Internet to “keep up with the times” or share something in common with children or grandchildren.

You have your own reasons for wanting to learn about computers. SeniorNet’s goal is to help your learn about computer and communications technologies to enable you to use them for your own benefit and the benefit of others in your community and even across the world.

Our tutorials provide a friendly way to learn, with step-by-step instructions that provide the focus for courses at SeniorNet Learning Centers and which you can use on your own to practice in lab sessions at a Learning Center or at home.

We commend you for taking this step to explore the world of computing and hope that you enjoy the many rewards that it will bring.

Our site on the World Wide Web at provides updates on SeniorNet activities and many opportunities for you to continue your learning, make new friends and collaborate with other seniors in supporting one another and sharing your interests. We even have a special Computer and Online Q&A area where you can ask questions and get answers. We look forward to seeing you online!


The SeniorNet Staff


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