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"If ever there has been a people-oriented site on the Internet, SeniorNet is that site."
One of the smartest things I ever did was to find and join SeniorNet. It's become like a family, always someone to talk to late at night when I cannot sleep, or during the day when I don't want to sleep.
"SeniorNet is my campus away from home, although technically I'm at home when I'm here. For us seniors who would not get out and go to a real college campus to take courses, participating in SeniorNet is a true privilege."
"I am so glad I found this Website for Seniors! It is extemely informative and very helpful for a senior lady who is 72 years old, and just a beginner of learning the "Ins and Outs" of the computer."
"I am so thankful that I found SeniorNet and this class. In fact, I do not even remember how I came across this site, but it has been the most wonderful thing that has happened to me in my retirement"
"Isn't it just wonderful to still be this excited about learning! And it's so nice to be together with those who feel the same!"

"The computer and SeniorNet has been my close friend since my walking ability started its downward trend in 1996. I can't even hazard a guess how many folks I have steered this way to join us and how many people I converse with."
"This course is really fun, and I am truly learning, which makes me very happy!!"
"I can assure you I never looked forward to a school lesson before!"
"I am enjoying this so much, I don't know what would make it better. If it were any better, I just couldn't stand it."
"SeniorNet is the place to find people who are willing and able to lead."
"I think this course is fantastic, far better than I had expected, far better, even, than I had hoped for!"
"SeniorNet is always the best place to begin, regardless of where else anyone goes. There is just so much computer help and assistance in SeniorNet and it has benefited so many people. I always encourage people to become actual paying members of SeniorNet because it doesn't cost much, it has an awful lot of benefits, and someone has to support it."

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