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"It is a pleasure to be a member of SeniorNet!"

Leila G. Zuckerman
Member, Manhattan SeniorNet
New York, NY


"Thanks to all you volunteers. Each time I'm able to take a class, they have been so helpful and willing to help those of us who don't think like computers! Hope to see you in anothe class soon."

Billie Cole
SeniorNet San Jose Almaden Member
San Jose, CA


"I took the class for my work. I am an sales assistant with Hyatt Hotels Corporation and we are using more and more PowerPoint presentations to our clients and to our hotels. I assist four Hyatt Directors and they were all impressed by what I learned. Honestly, 2 months ago, I could not even open PowerPoint."

Linda Abronzino
SeniorNet San Jose Willlows Member
San Jose, CA


"What would we do without them. Thank goodness for the volunteers to help us with our computer stuff!"

Suzie Draher
SeniorNet Peoria Member
Peoria, IL


"The volunteers at all three centers in San Jose are absolutely phenomenal! They have helped change my digital life in so many ways."

Sharen Valles
SeniorNet San Jose Willows Member
San Jose, CA


"I especially appreciate the goal of empowering seniors who may have gotten lost in this new world technology. Among so many achievements, allowing seniors to be able to communicate with their children and grand children again, is such a blessing. There is so much the internet has to offer to everyone when they know how to access it.."

Karen Sherry
SeniorNet Almaden Member
San Jose, CA


"On behalf of the Enriching Our Elders Ministry, we want to express our sincere thanks for the invaluable information we received from auditing two classes of Intro to Computers 1 (Basic Processes) at SeniorNet, FSL-LI in Huntington."

Michael and Nanette Turner

Jamaica, NY


"Good idea about the SeniorNet Mall. We especially like the discounts. My husband purchased from Pearson Education and I purchased from Kobo.

Thanks for making this easy"


Bill and Carolyn Griffin

Members since 2003


"I learned many computer skills, which were a great source of comfort, allowing me to stay connected with friends and family, to entertain myself with games and music, to Skype with my daughter, and to stay informed of world events while I was recovering."

Martha Streeter
Washington, D.C.

"As the founder of SeniorNet, I am very pleased to see the growth and continued dedication to improving the lives of SeniorS."

Mary Furlong
SeniorNet Founder, 1985 - 1996


"You guys are great!"

Craig Jennings
Founder, Caring for the Caregiver


"I think we all left feeling less intimidated by the technology and even empowered. I hope to have the opportunity to continue to hone my computer skills. The SeniorNet program is terrific. Thank you for making it available at the JCC."

Dorothy Arnsten
SeniorNet Member
Manhattan JCC Learning Center


"SeniorNet has been a great blessing to me. The classes are professional. The people are just great, so learning is a joy."

Joyce Dueker
SeniorNet San Jose Almaden Member
San Jose, CA

"If ever there has been a people-oriented site on the Internet, SeniorNet is that site."
One of the smartest things I ever did was to find and join SeniorNet. It's become like a family, always someone to talk to late at night when I cannot sleep, or during the day when I don't want to sleep.
"SeniorNet is my campus away from home, although technically I'm at home when I'm here. For us seniors who would not get out and go to a real college campus to take courses, participating in SeniorNet is a true privilege."
"I am so glad I found this Website for Seniors! It is extemely informative and very helpful for a senior lady who is 72 years old, and just a beginner of learning the "Ins and Outs" of the computer."
"I am so thankful that I found SeniorNet and this class. In fact, I do not even remember how I came across this site, but it has been the most wonderful thing that has happened to me in my retirement"
"Isn't it just wonderful to still be this excited about learning! And it's so nice to be together with those who feel the same!"

"The computer and SeniorNet has been my close friend since my walking ability started its downward trend in 1996. I can't even hazard a guess how many folks I have steered this way to join us and how many people I converse with."
"This course is really fun, and I am truly learning, which makes me very happy!!"
"I can assure you I never looked forward to a school lesson before!"
"I am enjoying this so much, I don't know what would make it better. If it were any better, I just couldn't stand it."
"SeniorNet is the place to find people who are willing and able to lead."
"I think this course is fantastic, far better than I had expected, far better, even, than I had hoped for!"
"SeniorNet is always the best place to begin, regardless of where else anyone goes. There is just so much computer help and assistance in SeniorNet and it has benefited so many people. I always encourage people to become actual paying members of SeniorNet because it doesn't cost much, it has an awful lot of benefits, and someone has to support it."
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