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You are on vacation and you're taking scores of digital photos that you want to share with friends and family. Emailing them all would jam your own mailbox as well as theirs. Using a photo sharing web site is the solution. These sites allow you to easily upload your photos (directly from your camera, your hard disk, CD or other storage device), display them in albums on web pages and then email invitations with a link to view them. Users see small "thumbnail-size" photos on the pages and can click on any that they want to see in a larger view. Some sites limit the volume of photos you can store on the site at one time and a few don't have limits. Many of the sites are free (they usually have advertising on the pages) but they sell printed photos, calendars and other merchandise. Examples of popular free sites are Kodak EasyShare, Shutterfly and Yahoo Photos.

If you just have one or two photos that you want to share with someone, then email is the way to go. Since email services usually have a limit on the size of a file you can send or receive, you'll want to first reduce the size (number of bytes) of a high resolution photo, which can often be 2 megabytes or more! You can reduce the file size in several ways with a graphics program: crop the photo (clip off the extra space around the edges), reduce the height and width (use the same percentage to keep it proportional) and compress the photo by saving it in a "web-friendly" version, such as jpg. Remember to always retain your photo in its original format and make changes to a copy.
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