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Willows Spring Session (3/4/2016) PDF Email

Willows Spring Session / SeniorNet

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SeniorNet Family,
SeniorNet  Willows
   Spring 2016 Courses Announced! 
SeniorNet Willows opened its doors - for the first class 22 years ago. Since that time they have taught, empowered, and shared wisdom with thousands upon thousands of folks. 
You will remember in 2014 they received international attention when they hosted dignitaries from China that were interested in SeniorNet's success.

SeniorNet Shares its Operational Model and Latest Microsoft Workshop with Chinese Delegation
January 06, 2014 09:50 AM Eastern Standard Time
FORT MYERS, Fla.--( BUSINESS WIRE)--The SeniorNet Learning Center in San Jose Willows, Calif. recently welcomed dignitaries, (pictures delegation of 14 dignitaries) from various regions in China to provide insight into how SeniorNet has become so successful and to share its operational and educational protocols. The visitors were management representatives for the Committees on Aging in China from the national level and throughout 12 provinces and municipalities.
The delegation, which attended a Microsoft Windows 8 workshop, saw firsthand how class content and curriculum is developed using surveys of intended students, as well as SeniorNet's extensive use of volunteers in the teaching process. Drawing on local resources such as tech company retirees, community facilities and donated equipment, SeniorNet minimizes its need to conduct massive fundraising activities that strain limited resources by partnering with major corporations such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, Que Publishing and others who help fulfill its mission.
Ms. Li Shumei, Deputy Director, Heilongjiang Provincial Committee on Aging said SeniorNet has, "a very good self-support education model without relying on budget and tendency of bureaucratic management. Such a model would help the still developing China develop more educations centers alike. It is a valuable example."
Click here to see how they're kicking off their Spring Session..and why they continue to be successful.  
Leslie M. Smith
President & CEO

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