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Mouse Exercises @ * PDF Email

Mouse Exercises @

If you are new to using a mouse, it may take a little practice to get the hang of it. Here are some simple exercises to help you get acquainted.
(Exercises can be repeated by using the browser’s Refresh button)

Practice using the mouse by clicking below:


Mouse exercises developed by Vic Laurie of the Ewing Learning Center for SeniorNet

The mouse is an input device that allows you to move a pointer across the computer screen to select items. When you move the mouse, the pointer moves across the screen. When you click the mouse, you can select icons, move them, and open up programs.

Many people have trouble using a mouse at first. But with practice, you will become very good at it.

Click on the first exercise, Placing the Mouse, to get started. At the end of each exercise, click the Next button to get to the next exercise.

These exercises will teach you how to:

  • Move the mouse
  • Left click
  • Double click
  • Drag and drop



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