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Netherlands (6/27/2017) PDF Email




Recently I received an email from the Netherlands saying..."Maybe you don't know this, but 20 years ago, our SeniorWeb in The Netherlands was founded after your example ! So it would be great to compare."...after research, we found the following...


SeniorWeb Netherlands is a non-profit association which runs the most popular community platform for seniors in the Netherlands. Its mission is to familiarize those generations with computers and the Internet who have not had the chance to grow up with them. An important premise is that this should be done for and by seniors. SeniorWeb, starting in 1997, has developed a well-functioning network of highly motivated and enthusiastic volunteers. SeniorWeb has a rich experience with elderly people, enabling it to develop new products and services for this target group.

We welcomed SeniorWeb's visit with open arms. Willows SeniorNet Center in San Jose, CA hosted the visit with Ingrid Kock, Manager PCHulp en Leercentra, SeniorWeb. This meeting was extremely beneficial for all of us. Both made presentations, lots of idea - sharing and benchmarking of best practices.

Thanks to our founder Mary Furlong for her vision, to the Willows SeniorNet Team for their leadership and - a "welcome back" to SeniorWeb for future visits to other SeniorNet Centers in the United States.

Click Here to see letter from Ingrid Kock 


Click here to see Dutch translation of SeniorWeb website





Leslie M. Smith

President & CEO










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