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 We have New Curriculum - Class Materials

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Computer Fundamentals - Windows 10, Version 1703


(This Workshop was created by Hank Clemente - SeniorNet's Curriculum Director

Thanks to SeniorNet's Peoria's Learning Center Team for their support in editing this course.)  




It's always best to start at the beginning...


SeniorNet takes a unique approach to teaching you the basics.

After a few lessons on the proper use of the mouse and keyboard, you will learn to improve your skills with a number of "Fun Exercises". This lesson can also be a refresher for some members. You will also learn the basics of the new Windows 10 Start menu!


Objectives of Computer Fundamentals

This course will teach you how to:

  • Turn on a computer... Easy-to-follow instructions for logging on to your computer.
  • Use a computer keyboard... Learn how your keyboard is divided and how different keys function.
  • Use the mouse... Learn basic mouse operations. Find out about the 'arrow' or 'mouse pointer' and learn about Left-click, right-click and double-click.
  • Cut, copy and paste text from one place to another.
  • Transfer files from a CD or flash drive to your computer.
  • Launch a program from Windows 10 Start Menu.
  • Shut down your computer cleanly, without losing any data.

 The most inexperienced adult can learn to use a computer effectively. 

At SeniorNet, we simplify it!


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