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New Curriculum #4 (9/22/2017) PDF Email


New File Explorer Curriculum Workshops 

 Available now to all SeniorNet Learning Centers !!


New Class Material

Getting to Know File Explorer - Part 1

Working with File Explorer - Part 2


(This Workshop was created by Hank Clemente - SeniorNet's Curriculum Director 

Thanks to SeniorNet's Peoria's Learning Center Team for their support in editing this course.) 


File Explorer Workshops

File Explorer, formerly known as Windows Explorer, has been a core element of the Windows operating system for decades. Like most of the new Windows 10 operating system, it's been given a noticeable overhaul. There are plenty of new tools to get acclimated with and plenty of ways to manage and organize all your files and folders. 


Here are two SeniorNet workshops on the New File Explorer...

              Contact your Center Leaders for more information and scheduling.


Getting to Know File Explorer - Part 1

File Explorer in Windows 10 is the structure of your computer where you can find and manage whatever you're looking for. In this SeniorNet workshop, you will learn about the structure of File Explorer and how managing your computer starts here.


Working with File Explorer - Part 2

In this SeniorNet workshop, we show you how to work with the files and folders using File Explorer. These easy and efficient methods take you through all the basic file tasks, including how to view, select, copy, move, and rename files. You also learn how to delete files, how to restore accidentally deleted files and the simple task of backing up your files. 



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