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New Curriculum

New Windows 10 Workshop, The Desktop

Now available entering this Fall Season !



   (This Workshop was created by Hank Clemente - SeniorNet's Curriculum Director 

Thanks to SeniorNet's Peoria's Learning Center Team for their support in editing this course.)



The Windows Desktop is the operating systems main screen that will take you wherever you want to go. Think of it as your “control panel” where with a single click or two you can access an array of tools. In this workshop we dig a little deeper as we explore:




  • About “System Icons” and “User icons”.
  • Adding Icons to the Desktop
  • Change the View, Size, and Icon Arrangement.


     Display Settings

  • Adjust Screen Resolution.
  • Reduce Eye Strain with “Night Light”.
  • Change size of text


 The Taskbar

  • Taskbar Display Options.
  • Creating Virtual Desktops.
  • Explore the New “Action Center”.
  • Creating Virtual Desktops



 Personalize Your Desktop

  • Select Personal Photos for your background.
  • Run a Desktop Slide Show.
  • Select Custom Themes.


and much more, check with your Center Leader !!







Leslie M. Smith

President & CEO


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