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SeniorNet Receives Major Microsoft Grant PDF Email

Microsoft Corporation Awards SeniorNet

Software Grant Valued at 2.1 Million.

For the past twenty years, Microsoft has been a dedicated sponsor and valued supporter of our SeniorNet mission. They have contributed in numerous ways to help us encourage and educate older adults on how to gain the most enjoyment and benefit from their computers.


As part of their “Microsoft Unlimited Potential - Community Technology Skills” program focused on improving IT skills for underserved individuals and communities through community technology centers, Microsoft generously donated copies of Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Professional Plus for every SeniorNet Learning Center in good standing. This one recent example of Microsoft’s generous support of SeniorNet valued at 2.1 Million.

When you join SeniorNet, you will have an opportunity to learn a variety of Microsoft programs that we teach in our Classroom Learning Centers and in our SeniorNet Online Learning Center. Here is an example of what you will find:

Microsoft® Windows 7

Windows 7 is an Operating System, which means it operates the system (computer) so that the hardware (a Printer) and software (Word or Excel) can talk to each other to produce a result (a printed document for example). Windows 7 includes software that allows you to view websites over the Internet and communicate with people via email.

Microsoft® Word

Microsoft Word is a popular computer program that allows you to create and edit text documents and a whole lot more. It has numerous interesting and useful features.

Microsoft® Excel

Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program. It is a great way to keep track of your expenses, make Christmas card lists, or even prescription drug lists! Students are surprised at how easily they can learn the many uses of Excel spreadsheets.

Microsoft® PowerPoint

People usually think PowerPoint is a presentation software used to create business slideshows. It is that, but it is so much more! You can also create animated Greeting Cards, Photo Albums, and personal slide shows with themes such as vacations, grandchildren, Christmas parties, birthday celebrations, class reunions, weddings or memorials – all very easily.

Microsoft® Paint

Windows provides a great little drawing program called Microsoft Paint. We offer several fun lesson plans for "Paint". Almost every computer comes equipped with this program. Microsoft® Works As a general rule, most PC computers also come equipped with Microsoft Works and you will soon discover, a word processor program like Works is much more than just a typewriter. Please click on the link below and we will show you one of our Online Learning Center Lesson Plans that will teach you how to make a colorful border using Microsoft Word


(Click here for the Word 2007 Border Art Lesson Plan)

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