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SeniorNet Holds Tenth Annual Meeting at Cinema Arts Centre PDF Email

Special thanks go to Karen Boorshtein, FSL President and CEO. Karen opened the meeting with a short overview of SeniorNet's beginning and announced the founding members to be honored. 


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On Monday, October 26, 2009, Huntington-based SeniorNet at Family Service League celebrated "Ten years of service to the Community" at its Annual Meeting at The Cinema Arts Centre by honoring its founders especially the five who are still actively contributing their services.  Karen Boorshtein, FSL's President and CEO honored the five active SeniorNet. They are:



Top row: Nick DeFlorio, Slava Vero
Bottom row: Don Stone, Helen Morris, Eric Vero

*Nick DeFlorio is a founding member and is active as a teacher and head of the speaker's bureau.

*Slava Vero is a founding member who was the first historian and development coordinator. Now she is co-coordinator of the Learning Center; serves on the FSL Board of Directors and SeniorNet National Chairman's Advisory council.

* Don Stone is the founding member of the membership committee and is the current chairperson.

*Helen Morris is a founding member, is active as recording secretary and formerly was the publicity committee chairperson.

*Eric Vero is the founding member of the lab coordinating team and nationalgrid Donation & Refurbishing Project coordinator.

We are one of SeniorNet's outstanding success stories and while our success is owed to many people, the following were key:

The idea for an FSL Computer Learning Center went nowhere until Phyllis Haber, Family Service League Vice President, got hold of it. She overcame many obstacles and laid the groundwork for the first volunteer group, which included Don Weidman.

Don was a man of vision, kindness and respect for others. Under his leadership, the founding group laid the groundwork for future success.

The success of SeniorNet would not be complete without adding the names of Julia Higgs, Irene Nordin and Carole Klee who were instrumental in achieving today's success.

The 10th anniversary was being celebrated with other original founding members that have returned for this milestone: Dick Rubinstein, Dennis Hansen, Shirley Levitt, Monte Ginsberg, and Bobbie and Ken Peterson. And last but not least - Phyllis Haber, the force that brought us together, and Larry Daniels, FSL Operation Director who helped design and install the first computer lab.

The celebration could not be complete without reading some letters written by former founding members that could not be with us for this special celebration.


"I deeply regret that I will not be able to attend the 10th Annual Meeting. Please give my warmest greetings to all who remember the early days and my congratulations to all who nurtured our infant SeniorNet and have built it into what it has become today.   Best wishes for your continued success and growth." - Dave Bushnell, a founding member

"Stopping in at the Senior Net Learning Center web site every now and then has shown the fantastic progress you and the other volunteers have made. The first meeting we had ten years ago often comes to mind. Meeting an extraordinary group of God's people who were always willing to give generously of themselves was a high point for me. It was an honor to Co-Chair the group with Don Weidman who I quickly came to respect as a remarkable people person. Don was able to smooth out the rough spots in a budding organization. He was a forward looking person open to new ideas. I will always cherish the time I worked with Don and be saddened because it was so short." - Tom Belesimo, a founding member

"Heber and I couldn't attend the celebration as much as we would have liked to. But we are certainly proud of the accomplishments of SeniorNet and are amazed at the progress SeniorNet has made since its inception. We were lucky enough to be among the small group of founders many years ago. There were many trials and errors, but through hard work and dedication of all the volunteers, it was a wonderful journey. Heb and I spent many wonderful years being part of this glorious group." - Sandy and Heber Marques, founding members

"Wow - what a milestone! I am so glad to see that Senior Net is still going strong. My dad would be so thrilled. As you know so very well this was a big dream of his. You have a lot to be proud of - thanks to you and so many of the hard working individuals that keep it going." Stephanie Weidman, Don Weidman's daughter

"I am so very sorry that I cannot be with you today to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Don Weidman SeniorNet Computer Learning Center. When I first met all of you, and especially, Don Weidman, I was so impressed by your well-organized Council, the abilities and talents of the administration, your friendly acceptance of "the new kid on the block," and your wonderful, hard-working volunteers. These feelings have only been reinforced over the years, and there has always been a warm place in my heart for all of you." - Sandy Krasner Former SeniorNet Regional Consultant



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