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Newsletter December 5, 2013 PDF Email
An Open Letter to the OKC SeniorNet Learning Center
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Charlene Francis
Oklahoma City SeniorNet Learning Center
3000 United Founders Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73013

Dear Charlene,

The OKC SeniorNet Learning Center has made a tremendous improvement in year-to-year contribution from 2012 to 2013.

In fact, your contribution as of this date nearly triples your total contribution for 2012.

Clearly, "innovative thinking" made a big difference.

Your management operations, structure, and alignment with the needs of the community are key factors to your successful year.

Kudos to you, the Leadership Team, and each and every one of the volunteers.

We are all very proud of the OKC SeniorNet Learning Center.

Leslie M. Smith

CC: Board of Directors
        HQ Staff
        All SeniorNet Center Leaders
        All SeniorNet Volunteers (2013)
        SeniorNet Friends 
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