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Medicare / SeniorNet
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Open Enrollment is an annual period of time (October 15 through December 7) when current Medicare users can choose to re-evaluate part of their Medicare coverage (their Medicare Advantage and/or Part D plan) and compare it against all the other  plans on the market.


SeniorNet has teamed with the National Council on Aging's Medicare education site- to provide you with trusted information and free, unbiased professional support to help you get the right Medicare coverage for your needs.
Each year, insurance companies can make changes to Medicare plans that can impact how much you will pay out-of-pocket-like the monthly premiums, deductibles, drug costs, and provider or pharmacy "networks." Research shows that the average consumer could save $300 or more annually if you took the time to review your current Medicare coverage. 
You will want to explore this trusted site and share with your friends and family members. Time is of essence.
Leslie M. Smith
President & CEO

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