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2014 Curriculum Contest - Questions and Answers (Internal Newsletter) (2/18/14) PDF Email
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Internal Newsletter 



Thank you for your questions and interest in the 2014 Curriculum Contest . . .


The intent of the contest is twofold:

  1. To recognize your creativity, hard work, and dedication in writing curriculum and courses for your local SeniorNet Community.
  2. To share your work with other centers. 

Below are some questions submitted that you may find helpful.



This is short notice, and we do not have enough time to create new curriculum by the end of the month.  


Center Leaders were notified of the contest on January 28, 2014. Please keep in mind you can submit any curriculum that was created since the beginning of 2013. 

 Q. We only created one workshop. Can we submit that? 
 A. Absolutely - that one workshop may be one that has never been created and can put you in the "Winners' Circle". 
 Q. What are the contest dates? 
 A. All submissions must be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by February 28, 2014.
The winners will be announced on March 14, 2014 or before.
The entries will be posted on Leadership Exchange in April/May
 Q. Does curriculum mean the same thing as workshops? 
How many courses can we submit? 
 A. As many as you would like. Make sure you include the writer's name beside each course and a short (1-2 sentence) description of the course contents. 
 Q. We have a lot of material - can we submit by using a CD or fax? 
 A. Unfortunately, no. The material will be reviewed by several folks and later posted on Leadership Exchange.  You may want to consider using O-File or another file-sharing service, or splitting your files into several smaller pieces before sending. 
 Q. When we "win" (smile), can we notify the local newspaper? 
 A. The competition is pretty strong. Yes, I would encourage you to do this. It would certainly increase local awareness and your student base.  
 Q. How many Microsoft coupons will be awarded to the winners and how long are they valid for? 
 A. The centers that win will receive 100 coupons immediately. The coupons are valid until June 30, 2014. 
 Q. What do you suggest we use the Microsoft discount coupons for? 
Three centers asked the same question. You may want to use the coupons as an incentive to get folks to come to your "open house", share with center volunteers, or distribute to local sponsors or contributors.
The main thing is to give them to folks that will use them. 
 Q. Do we have to pay a partial amount for the banners? 
 A. No, winners will receive the banners as part of the award. 
 Q. Regarding the $150.00, how do we apply for this? 
 A. The $150.00 will be awarded to the (4) winners of the contest. 





I hope these questions and answers are helpful. Good luck to all of you. 



Leslie M. Smith 
Chairman of the Board 


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