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Kicking Off 2014 (Internal Newsletter) (1/14/14) PDF Email
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Internal Newsletter 



SeniorNet Volunteers,


As we launch into 2014. . . I want to share where we are.


Some of this may be redundant, but again, our goal is to "ensure good communications with all of you".


  • All those who made SeniorNet donations in 2013 will receive a Thank You letter for tax purposes and a complimentary gift mailed to them before January 30th.

  • We have another great year planned for curriculum - the schedule will be posted soon.

  • The Que Publishing discount program (advertised on our site and in the newsletters) . . . was extremely successful. The purchases you are making say it's the right price and you like the selection.
  • Our new HQ address, phone, and fax are located on the website.
  • In December, Center leaders were asked to submit "the name of the person who volunteered for the longest amount of time" and their role to Phil Carnahan. This is due by 2/1/14. These specific volunteers will be recognized.
  • There was a recent request to Center Leaders to provide an updated volunteer list for 2014. This is due by 1/27/14. If you plan to continue to volunteer this year - you will want to be sure your name is submitted! These types of communications will ONLY go to Volunteers who are registered for the year.
  • Center Leaders have been made aware of the availability of Adobe Photoshop Elements 12.
  • Consider printing off the last 3-4 National Press Releases and posting them in your center. There is no other non-profit in the United States that does what we do. The Press Releases (and it does not matter which center is mentioned) help the entire organization. Use them to broaden your local brand. The latest one regarding China talked about the "organization and structure". Every center has the opportunity to capitalize off of this one as well as the ones with Microsoft and Que Publishing.

At the end of 2013, I shared an example of success by one of our centers.


I asked that you consider volunteering/assigning yourself to a role that would undoubtedly increase membership and volunteers in your center.


These roles are:

  • Outreach - working with the community to understand demographics, who you can collaborate and partner with, where to advertise and increase your visibility.
  • Communications -this person's role would include: making sure that Center Staff is aware of internal news. They would work with the Outreach Volunteer to create center-specific collateral, and they would also contact other centers to share best practices and exchange ideas on increasing membership, volunteers, and executive board members. Bringing in "new thinking" from your local community is always positive.

Sometimes we all fall into a comfortable groove and it's hard to stop doing what we are good at. I understand this. I am not asking you to stop the things you like. But if your center is struggling, I urge you to think outside your role just a little. And give the above roles some thought.


Thank you for all you did in 2013 . . . and going forward.  




Leslie M. Smith 
Chairman of the Board 

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