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Ed2go (11/9/2018) PDF Email
SeniorNet Community,
Ed2go is the industry leader in affordable online learning for adults. They provide the highest-quality online continuing education courses that is easy to use through a network of over 2,100 top colleges and universities.
We have re-established our partnership with Ed2go to offer everyone discounted courses.
Hundreds of engaging online courses, covering every topic from Accounting to Web Design. Each course comes equipped with a patient and caring instructor, lively discussions with your fellow students, and plenty of practical information that you can put to immediate use. The instructors include some of the most well-known and trusted names in online education, and the customer service is second to none.
You can take all of these courses from the comfort of your home or office at the times that are most convenient to you.
A new session of each course starts monthly.
Most courses run for six weeks and are composed of 12 lessons, representing 24 hours of instruction. You can ask questions and give or receive advice at any time during the course. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to download a certificate of completion.
SeniorNet discounts up to 34%…with additional discounts for SeniorNet Members and Volunteers 
Leslie M. Smith
President & CEO


Holiday Gift Idea (11/5/2018) PDF Email
Holiday Gift Idea
SeniorNet Family,
Got grandkids? This picture book makes a great gift for ages 4 – 12.
Just in time for the holidays, the first book in a new children’s series is available here .
Kitty Girl and Mr. Squirrel – Book One, Rescued and Homed, is the touching story of an abandoned then adopted kitten and her wise first toy and best friend, a stuffed squirrel. Together they weather the storms of kittenhood while subtly teaching children the responsibilities of pet ownership.
Written by a SeniorNet volunteer with original illustrations by Dana Kelly that bring the characters to life, the story captures the ups and downs of daily life from the kitten’s perspective. FREE coloring pages of Kitty Girl and Mr. Squirrel and FREE shipping are included with each purchase.
If you like Book One, look for Book Two – Lost and Found, another Kitty Girl story publishing in a few months.
Resia A. Nank
Communications Consultant
Caregiver Summit (11/1/2018) PDF Email
SeniorNet Community,
SeniorNet strives to provide education in a variety of formats for older adults, veterans, underserved and the challenged. We have come across a virtual, video learning model that can help family caregivers navigate this difficult, yet joyous, time. 
 We know that caregiving is usually thrust upon people who have no time to prepare. Some 45 million to be exact, 25% of which are Millennials.
We believe that the Caregiver Smile Summit is an affordable way to gain knowledge as a caregiver, that could not be obtained without spending hours of searching on the Internet or hundreds of dollars attending separate seminars and events.
It is being hosted by a trusted source, a SeniorNet board member, Anthony Cirillo. He has conducted this Summit once before and it was recognized in the IDEO Caregiver Challenge, sponsored by AARP and United Health. The material has been vetted, the experts are superb, the price is right, and the access is easy. 
This Summit is ideal for almost anyone. If you are just starting to see the signs that mom and dad need care, this is for you. If you are an experienced caregiver, this is for you too. Even if your caregiving journey is over there is something you can learn about preparing for your own aging needs. That is why boomers should consider attending the Summit. And even foresighted Gen X’ers and Millennials, who make up 25% of family caregivers, can learn something too.
This Virtual, On Demand Summit, which you can access on your schedule, features video recorded interviews with 39 experts in 36 sessions and thosevideos   are available now As soon as you register, you receive access.  
Included with each video interview is a valuable giveaway.
Chat Forum (10/29/2018) PDF Email
Chat Forum for SeniorNet
Dear Fellow Seniors:
My name is Dolores and I am a volunteer at SeniorNet. I am SO excited about setting up a brand new SeniorNet Chat Forum ! I am looking forward to hearing from all of you.
Think of this program as a journey to a better quality of life!
I am a senior, 86 years old, and live in a lovely senior development. I have three children, seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. My late husband and I traveled to over 49 countries and thankfully stored all our pictures in albums which I look at from time to time and it’s almost like re-visiting these countries again.  I fully understand how at times life seems to be dull, boring and routine. Many of us seniors cannot get about as we used to and feel lonely at times. Just think – once you log on to our new Chat Forum, you will be able to communicate with other seniors and you will have more friendships than you did when you were younger. We will be able to talk to each other about our life’s journey and our feelings, about our family, our aches and pains, some of the things we are involved with.  Of course, we will not discuss politics or religion because sometimes these subjects are just too controversial. But we will here to listen and talk about what is happening in your life!
The “golden years” are often lonely years. As adults age, many older Americans find their inner circle shrinking when adult children move and spouses and friends become ill or pass away. While senior living communities promise an active second chapter, loneliness and isolation still exist behind closed doors.
Here at SeniorNet we can conquer the trials of aging and deepening our humanity by accepting life for what it is and having the joy of sharing our thoughts and feelings with other seniors.
I cannot wait to hear from all of you! I am so looking forward to all the new friends we will make here on SeniorNet. Let me know if you would be interested. 
Please forward this newsletter to your friends and relatives so that they can participate.
Would you use a chat forum on SeniorNet?
Dolores Gumina
Chat Forum
Sharing (10/09/2018) PDF Email
Your Friends are Important to Us - SHARE
As our friends, we know how dedicated you are to SeniorNet and its educational mission. But, your friends are important to us, too!
Recently, we launched a Go Fund Me campaign to help us raise the money we need to fulfill our mission. All donations are tax deductible and a tax receipt will be provided. Any size donation is appreciated but in order to reach past the community where our needs already are well known, we need another type of help.
We are asking you to please SHARE this request on all your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and FORWARD this request to your email list of friends, contacts or anyone you think believes in our goals. This action will help us grow our fundraising campaign and is great practice for you on social media!
On behalf of all the SeniorNet staff and volunteers, THANK YOU so much for your past, present and future support. We are immensely grateful for your ongoing advocacy.
Reese Nank
Communications Consultant


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