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Display a Personal Photo on Your Desktop PDF Email
Download Stock Photos is one of the most popular web sites for downloading to your desktop stunning free photos from all corners of the world. The photos are organized in categories such as Amazing Architecture, Village Life, Paintings & Drawings. Go to and click on a Category. A page opens showing thumbnails, photo credits and download specifications.
In the Download column, click the 800x600 link and click How to set this wallpaper for detailed instructions for determining your screen resolution and for downloading. is another site where you can find ways to customize your computer with themes, fonts, screen savers and wallpaper. Go to and have fun.
To make it easier to locate the image you have chosen to display on your desktop, you may want to put the file on your desktop before you begin.

Windows XP
Open the Control Panel and click Appearance and Themes.
In the Pick a Task list, click Change the desktop.
Click the Desktop tab then click the Browse button
Click the arrow on the Look in list box at the top of the dialog box and locate the image you’ve chosen.
Click the Open button. You will see a preview of your desktop. If you change your mind, you can select another image in the Look in list box.
When you are satisfied with your choice, click Apply and click OK.

Windows 95/98
To determine your screen resolution:
Click the Start button and click Settings> Control Panel.
Click the Display menu and click Settings: the Screen Area is your screen resolution

To set wallpaper:
Download your wallpaper in the resolution you determined to be correct
When the image has loaded, right-click on it and select Set as wallpaper.
Check if the wallpaper has been properly set.

To determine your screen resolution:
Open Control Panels and select Monitors or Monitors and Sound
Click Options to view your screen resolution

To set wallpaper:
Download your wallpaper in this or approximate resolution.
When the image has fully loaded, move your mouse over it and press down the button until a pop-up menu appears.
Click Save image to disk.
Go to Appearance Control Panel and load the image as Desktop picture.
Check if the paper has been properly set.
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