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On this page I have collected what I consider to be sites that are valuable to the Introduction to the Internet Class here at the Costa Mesa Learning Center. In addition I have collected a number of Senior Resource that I feel will be of great help to our seniors here and any other senior that stops by our site for a cyber visit. Hope you enjoy these sites as much as I did assembling them. If you have any suggestions for appropriate sites,or you have found these links to be helpful, feel free to email me.


Palatine, Illinois SeniorNet Learning Center's
An excellent collection of Resources!

Ewing, New Jersey SeniorNet Learning Center's
Online Courses and Tutorials Links
Internet Resource Links
Introduction to the Internet
nicely done online Internet course

Costa Mesa’s own Don Edrington
PC Don, aka Computer Tutor Don,
aka Senior Computer Tutor
A site full of resources for Seniors
and computer users of all ages.

Vic Laurie's Articles and Presentations
A Great collection of Powerpoint
Presentations and archived articles

Dallas, Texas SeniorNet Learning Center's
Collection Of "Offsite" Learning Center Webpages
These unique websites have been created for
you to visit and learn more about each Learning Center
Mark Borison
Introduction to the Internet Instructor
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