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Willows SeniorNet Learning Center Timeline PDF Email
A user group meeting

1993 February Initial meetings with Willows Staff
   June IBM approves sponsorship funding
  December San Jose City Council approves SeniorNet contract
1994 January Classroom is populated with 7 IBM PS/1's
  January 38 volunteers attend the "teach-the-teachers" class
  March 9 Open Registration - 300 apply; 120 are enrolled in ten "Intro" classes; remainder are wait-listed
  March 26 Grand Opening Celebration
  May First ten classes are completed; Second session of classes begins; Saturday class is added
1995 January 2 PCs added - total now 9
  January 35 inch TV installed to display instructor's screen
  April 10 PCs (one PC given by Intel)
  April 69 Volunteers.  Applications for Enrollment Pass 1000
  September 11 PCs (one IBM Aptiva purchased)
  November 16 P's (five PC's given by Intel and Acer)
  December 18 PCs (one IBM Aptiva and one compatible purchased)
  December Volunteers build new furniture and restructure classroom
1996 January            Willows SNLC was featured in the Japanese magazine “ASAHI
  March 72 Volunteers
  June Applications for Enrollment Pass 1500
1997 June 75 Volunteers
  June Applications for Enrollment Pass 2000
1998 April Applications for Enrollment Pass 2500
  April All 18 PCs now upgraded for Multimedia; now have six phone lines
  June Web page launched
  August Over 1500 people have taken one or more classes (over 4300 students have been taught)
  August 76 Volunteers (24 have taught, 68 have coached, all have helped)
1999 November Edwin Dewling Service Award initiated for outstanding volunteers
2000 January Jerry White is first volunteer to be presented with the Dewling Award.
  April Applications for Enrollment Pass 4000
  April City of San Jose Outstanding Volunteer Award
  August San Jose splits into three centers, The Willows, Almaden and Cypress.
2002 December The first Willows volunteer holiday potluck is held.                                              
2003 September The Willows SeniorNet Learning Center is featured as the cover story for the Willows Glen Resident
2004 March The Willows SeniorNet Learning Center celebrates its 10th anniversary
  March We held an afternoon banquet attended by SeniorNet Officers, former officers, District 6 Councilman, and 200 current Willows members.
2005 June Grant from EBay and City of San Jose to upgrade 20 machines.  
  September Electronic Newsletter initiated to announce registrations
  December Amplified sound system with T-coil system is installed.
2006 February Applications for enrollment are 5828
  February 102 Volunteers (26 Instructors, others are coaches and administrative staff)
  February Current Schedule: 5 Sessions/Year; 13 Courses/Session; 5 days/week
  February 17 Students/Class depending on subject
  February Classes Meet 2-hours/Week for 8 Weeks
  February 4 Hours of Supervised Lab Time per Week (x 17 PCs)
2007 January Flat panel monitors installed on all computers
2007   October "Cyber Seniors" was the title of an overview article about our learning center in the Willow Glen Resident.
2007 July Willows commences Mail-In proxy program for class registration.
2007 November One of our students was featured in another article about searching genealogy using the computer in the Willow Glen/Almaden Resident.
2008    June Willows Learning Center initiates Judy Moak Award to recognize outstanding volunteers who seldom get acknowledged.                                
2008 July Willows Learning Center revamps the Introduction to Computers class and divides it into three separate classes.
2008  October Willows Learning Center signs up its 10,000th student in class.
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