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SeniorNet Members Experiences with Vista PDF Email
February 2007

I played with Vista Premium today for the first time. Although a very different looking interface (Aero Glass), it is extremely tweakable. Just be ready to find things in different places than XP. It has a new look and feel to it. I find it much more logically laid out and yet with so many more options.

I can't wait for our new Vista laptop to get here. Its going to be fun getting the wife comfortable with it.

There is a lot of new stuff in Vista and things like control panel have been changed and moved around. My Computer is now just "Computer". I am messing with the "premium" version. I am pretty sure the "Basic" version will not be as different from XP as the Premium or Ultimate. My Ultimate version is still in the mail. More to follow as I learn.

March 2007
I have been messing with VISTA now for about a month and in my humble opinion it is still in BETA. There are a lot of bugs in the drivers for hardware and also software that will not run. For example...VISTA sees a "network printer" as just that. There is no provision in the printer setup program to enable you to use a printer hosted off of another system in the network. It is looking for a print server when you run the printer wizard.

May 2007
[My wife] is the primary user of the new laptop with that os on it and has no complaints so far. I would consider myself a power user of sorts and I am going to load Vista on my new dual core so that I can better judge. MS has sold over 20,000,000 Vista retail and OEM licenses so far.

As far as I can see, the majority of complaints are with drivers vor peripherals and certain internal components. Sound familiar? I bet if one were to look back in the archives to the XP introduction era it may look familiar.

Herb Holden
February 2007

I have installed Vista Ultimate Update on my computer. I had two choices, clean install or update. I had rather made a clean install but I choose update because I didn't want to loose lots of programs that I have.

The install went OK but I did have to replace Diskeeper and Nero to burn DVD's. I did get a few other errors most of which I have taken care of. I still have two errors that I can't find a solution for. In the Device Manager I have two errors under Other Devices. One says PCI Simple Communication Controller and the other says Unknown Devices. I have tried everything I can think of including calling Microsoft and talking to one of there Indians with no success. As far as I know, everything is working so I just may have to live with it. I just hate to have any kind of error on my computer.

I've been running Vista for about two weeks now and it's some program. It takes a little time to find all the bells and whistles but you soon find your way around.

Although it's more trouble and you may loose a lot of data, Clean Install is best. If you are like me you have a lot of programs that you downloaded and sometimes it's hard to get those back.

O' well, it's working great and I will just play like those two errors are not there.

March 2007
Dave, I agree, VISTA is still in BETA. It has a long way to go. I have had many problems with it.

May 2007

I am a computer teacher of newbies. I also have Vista and like it very much. I have found no incompatibilities with what I do with the computer. We will have new Vista computers in my classroom in August, so I wanted a headstart so I could rewrite my handouts. So far, I haven't had to rewrite any handouts, although I am sure that I will. As Dave noted, it is eye candy, but few major changes. I understand that they are already working on the next upgrade...called Vienna.

May 2007

I find Vista cumbersome. Maybe it's just me but I never had this much trouble with XP or ME or 98 or 95. It's difficult to make it do what I want it to do. I do not want a computer to force me to do things in it's way. I want to do them my way. I think we each have our own way of doing things etc. As far as my software working with Vista? Lol... not the Word Perfect program, not my software for my printer. I finally did get the printer working and the scanner too but the programs that came with them are not working. Maybe I'm just not spending enough time learning it. I'll keep trying though because to have it changed to XP is a lot of money.
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