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Newsletter May 24, 2013 PDF Email
SeniorNet Success Story
Thank You Huntington and Yaphank !!!
This is a perfect example of why SeniorNet continues to grow -- into our 29th year.  
Your leadership in expanding SeniorNet's volunteer base has been successful in the past and clearly explains why state and local government officials, major corporations, and sponsors view your centers today as a key proponent in supporting the community.
Your outreach to veterans, the underserved, homebound, and those impaired adds tremendous value to our mission and our country as a whole.
I recently saw the exchange of emails between you and Hank Clemente, SeniorNet Director of Curriculum, regarding "new workshops"  that are being held, and the courses being developed to target your local community. Again, a clear demonstration of dedication, group leadership, understanding those who you serve, and fulfilling the SeniorNet mission.
We thank you for your efforts and congratulate you on your success.      
I am sharing your story with all of our centers, volunteers, members and staff as a bench-mark for growth. And with our sponsors so they to can see first hand -- another SeniorNet Success.

Leslie M. Smith  
Leslie M. Smith

SeniorNet at FSL, L.I. Volunteer Orientation and Training
May 3, 2013


On Friday, May 3, 2013, SeniorNet at FSL, L.I. held its annual volunteer orientation and training meeting. The large Harborfields Public Library meeting room was chosen as the meeting site because our volunteer group has grown to over 130+ and space and comfort has become an issue. The meeting started at 10:00 AM with a light breakfast and at 10:15 AM the meeting was called to order.

The purpose of the meeting was to provide an opportunity for the SeniorNet volunteers from both the Don Weidman Computer Learning Center and Yaphank Annex to meet each other, exchange experiences, understand proper procedures and learn of new projects as well as review old ones. It gives new volunteers an opportunity to explore new venues and expand their vision of what SeniorNet is all about. A total of 77 volunteers from the Huntington and Yaphank Computer Learning Centers took part in this session.

Huntington Volunteers

Like every organization where volunteers perform all tasks, the need for training and procedural updates is essential. Although our volunteers are devoted to their tasks and especially care greatly about the welfare of the students, it seems that many are not really aware of how our SeniorNet Centers works at many different levels. This training is especially important since it will provide key data for future coordinators.



The agenda was designed to provide an overview of most aspects and functions within SeniorNet at FSL, L.I.


  • Co-Coordinators Bill Baker and Bob Festa opened the meeting with a heartfelt welcome to all participants.
  • Slava Vero, SeniorNet Director and Family Service League Liaison, gave a brief history of SeniorNet at FSL, L.I. She spoke about the responsibilities that FSL and SeniorNet have to each other. She also discussed the importance of cooperation with SeniorNet HQ and the responsibilities that HQ and our Learning Center have for a good working relationship.
  • The Development Committee presented its subcommittees and introduced its members.
    • The Publicity Chair, Nick Radesca, gave an overview of how publicity works as well as all the sources involved publicizing SeniorNet and recruiting future students for classes.
    • The importance of Public Relations and Marketing were presented by Bob Festa and Slava Vero especially in relation to funding and sponsorships as well as recruiting students.
  • Jim Burke presented an overview of computer lab issues such as the new Windows 8 operating system, Office 2013, new printers and scanners and maintenance rules in regard to computer equipment.
  • Moss Rawn, Co-Coordinator and Education Chair discussed the current curriculum and future course offerings. He emphasized the fact that a curriculum is a dynamic work-in-progress and is in continuous need of new courses and new manuals.
  • Bill Baker discussed the evolution of SNUG meeting that have become seminars on topics that include the iPad, smartphones and more.
  • Otto Niebler gave an overview of the Mobile Learning Center and its development which has grown to three sites including VA Hospital, Section 8 Housing and the Senior Center in Huntington. The development of a Mobile Learning Center on the East End of Long Island was discussed in view of the closing of our Yaphank Learning Center as of August 1st.
  • Otto Niebler who is Home Bound Remote Learning Project Coordinator gave a PowerPoint presentation of how the project works and the steps involved in reaching out to the home bound community.
  • Membership procedures and protocol was discussed by Bill Baker in the absence of Don Stone, Membership Committee Chair.
  • Claire Kerman, Volunteer Committee Chair, presented a timeline on procedures and protocol on recruiting volunteers, dues and responsibilities of volunteers.
  • Moss Rawn presented the responsibilities of teachers, Stephanie Jacobs discussed the responsibilities of coaches and Bill Baker presented the protocol for the Open House.
  • Bob Festa opened up the discussion on “How you can help” and then hosted a Q&A session that led to a lively exchange of ideas.
  • In their closing remarks, Bill Baker and Bob Festa thanked all volunteers for a great job and promised their support for old and new initiatives.
  • Meeting evaluation questions were distributed to all attendees with the request for them to be answered and returned via e-mail.
  • The meeting concluded at 12:00 p.m. with the taking of the above group picture.



  • The Power Point Presentation was prepared by Diane Asser and Slava Vero with input from different presenters.
  • The planning and implementation of this year’s volunteer training was coordinated by a committee lead by committee chairs Claire Kerman and Slava Vero with support from its co-coordinators Bill Baker and Bob Festa
  • Special thanks go to all presenters as well as to all the volunteer support staff for helping make this training session a huge success.
  • Our thanks to the Special Events Committee – Nina Smith, Regina Goldrick, Nickie Muolo and Miso Bauchick for providing and setting up the refreshments, and to everyone who participated by being part of that morning.
Slava Vero
SeniorNet at FSL, L.I.
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