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SeniorNet Announced Florida Mobile Strategy (8/7/14) PDF Email
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Internal Newsletter


Center Leaders and Volunteers,


As a point of information, this newsletter was distributed to organizations, businesses, and our affiliates in Florida.


Some centers across the country have already engaged this strategy.


The overall intent is to extend our reach of support, increase our brand, and grow our base.


Thank you.


Michele M. Williams

Director Public Relations

Friends of SeniorNet,

As many of you know, SeniorNet was founded in 1986, and with the support of corporate partners (Microsoft, Que Publishing, IBM, Adobe, AT&T, Google, and others) our brand continues to grow worldwide.
Since our founding, SeniorNet has empowered more than two million people by providing encouragement, lifelong learning opportunities, and new worlds to explore via the Internet.
We have affiliate organizations in New Zealand, Sweden, Japan, Malaysia, and Australia.
A delegation of Chinese dignitaries (who focus on seniors) recently visited SeniorNet and were impressed with our business model. Click here to see press release, and click here to see letter from Deputy Director Heilongjian Provincial Committee on Aging, Li Shumei.
SeniorNet was invited to celebrate its 25th Anniversary on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., the keynote speaker was Secretary of Aging, Kathy Greenlee - this recognition and support by our government was very much appreciated.
After moving our Headquarters to Florida earlier this year, we see the need to modify our traditional strategy of focusing on specific locations (buildings) in communities to host classes.
To this end, we invested resources to implement a Mobile Education Strategy - whereby we will work with organizations, churches, businesses, and senior living facilities in various communities to provide the education and skills we are known for. Said a different way - our plan is to mobilize/travel to where we are needed. Our investment includes purchasing computers and some of the latest pieces of technology - all of which we will transport to the various locations and host workshops.
The objective of these workshops is to review:
  • Basic computer skills
  • Advanced computer skills (including introduction to Windows 8/8.1) and different operating systems ...... and
  • The latest technology (gadgets) - Surface Tablet, iPad, Kindle Fire, digital cameras, Smart Phones, cell phone apps, etc.
At the conclusion of each session, participants will be asked via survey:
  • what would you like to see more of
  • what type of skills do you want/need to help you fulfill your life -- using technology
With this information, we will build schedules and classes for future sessions at the specific location.
We are very pleased to announce that our first set of workshops will be held at Woody's, a very well-known restaurant in Cape Coral.
Click here for a flyer.
Thank you,


Leslie Smith  

Leslie M. Smith





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