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Disaster Relief / Nepal (5/6/15) PDF Email
Disaster Relief / Nepal

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SeniorNet Community,
Thank you to those who made a donation to help the suffering in Nepal.
The death toll is now more than 7,500 and continuing to rise. There are more than 14,000 injured with millions homeless, needing food and medical aid.
Many times, when we see the aftermath and devastation of a tragedy, we say "how terrible, but if I send dollars I'm not sure where they will go".
This time, it's different. We know who we are sending our dollars to - we know that they are a part of the SeniorNet family - we know that they are on the streets helping people. We see them in the orange sashes in the pictures below.
Ten US dollars will buy:
  • 2 kg of rice
  • 1 liter of oil
  • Bread
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Metronidazole - an antibiotic
  • Oral rehydration solution
  • Paracetamol - a pain reliever
Sending a donation to Nepal using Western Union is free until May 15th.
Click here to find the Western Union closest to you or you can also wire money online at
Leslie M. Smith
Chairman of the Board



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