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Newsletter November 19, 2013 PDF Email
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Thanks to the hard work and diligence of our Curriculum Development Team, the Microsoft Windows 8.1 Manual is right around the corner.

The Headquarters Staff will distribute Windows 8.1 software to coincide with availability of the 8.1 Manual.

Leslie M. Smith

This has been a busy year for the Curriculum Development Committee. With all the demands for Windows 8 courses, Facebook, Cloud computing, iPad, plus shorter courses, we have been very, very busy.


This year, Learning Center Leaders have had access to a number of new SeniorNet courses on LEX (Leadership Exchange) plus courses and workshops submitted by learning centers from around the country.


In January of this year, we announced the introduction of the popular new series of Skill Courses, workshops and specialized hands-on short courses including Disk Management, SkyDrive, Home Networking, Facebook and Managing Windows 8.


We plan on developing additional 'skill courses' for the coming year and on LEX several learning centers have submitted courses and workshops on iPad, iPhone, Android Smart Phone, and Skype.

Earlier this year, we added the third and final MS Word 2010 course, Advanced Word, to round out the Word 2010 series that includes Word Basics and Intermediate Word.


New this fall is the 'Beginners Guide to MS Publisher 2010'. An excellent, highly illustrated step-by -step manual by our newest committee member, Carol Bruce.


Microsoft Publisher Flyer Carol is currently writing an MS Excel 2010 manual. "Excel, the Basics' will be the first of a series of three, four lesson Excel courses, similar in structure to our Word 2010 series. We hope to have 'Excel, The Basics', available on LEX in January.


This past September we posted the new 'Windows 8, Introduction to Computers' manual on LEX and will have both the 'Windows 8, Computer Fundamentals' and 'Windows 8.1, Computer Fundamentals' manuals available late November. Currently I am writing 'Getting Around Windows 8.1' skill course (similar to Managing Windows 8 only with a new title) for release in late December and will follow that up with 'Windows 8.1, Introduction to Computers' by mid February.

Access to LEX is a privilege afforded Center Leaders only; this is where they can download manuals for use by their Learning Centers. Each SeniorNet course is packaged to include the Student manual, Student practice files, a PDF print file, Instructors Notes (as needed) and, most recently, a full color promotional flyer that can be printed as is or revised to meet your local needs. We will continue to provide course flyers as a way of assisting your learning center in promoting new courses.

Folks ...Your curriculum committees of volunteers have given much of their personal time in preparing manuals for your learning center. For the hundreds of hours that go in to preparing each manual we ask nothing in return except that you respect our work and the SeniorNet copyright. Respect them, as our manuals are not to be shared with those who are not part of the SeniorNet family of Learning Centers.


That is all we ask in return....


Hank Clemente
SeniorNet Director of Curriculum Development

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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